Film Clapboard

Addressed business & technology challenges at a key Entertainment Company by implementing a PMO as a service.

Health Care

Successfully select and implement an electronic health system for a Health Care client

Insurance Agent

Successfully complete a CRM implementation by taking over project leadership from initial integration partner. 

Data Management

Designed and implemented a Data Office, at a Financial Services firm, supporting their data management objectives.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Conducted an IT due diligence assessment to determine the health of the technology within the target company for a CPG client.

Medical Consultation

Performed in-depth benefit / risk assessment of potential cloud migration for medical device client.

Construction Engineering

Developed the strategy, approach and supporting business case for an electronic content management (ECM) system for a Construction, Architecture and Engineering client.

Tech Industry

Provided guidance and expertise in establishing an Enterprise-wide Governance, Risk & Compliance program for a tech industry client.

Pharmaceutical industry

Create and execute an OCM Program for a major enterprise system implementation for a Pharmaceutical company

Health Care

Create a strategic roadmap for a Natural Language Processing  software implementation within health care industry 

Project Management and Planning

Support project implementations  by seamlessly integrating portfolio, program and / or project management resources into client’s existing organization.

Case Study #1

Film Clapboard

Engagement: PMOaaS (Entertainment Industry)

Objective:  Our Client was challenged with the dynamic business and technology changes, and to deliver the complexity of projects successfully in a structured and methodical manner. Ekman Associates was engaged to fill in the gap through providing a Portfolio / Program / Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS).  

Solution: Ekman Associates implemented a holistic PMO service to manage portfolio and project management, inclusive of improved processes and best practices.  Our team of experienced professionals were able to accelerate project delivery while maintaining the highest of standards for portfolio, program, and project management.  Client Leadership was able to strategically align and effectively deliver project work, cut costs, and optimize resource capacity. 

Data Management & Analytics

Solution:  Ekman Associates designed and implemented a Data Office, comprising of a document data lineage process, procedures, and management reporting.  This holistic approach included remediation of existing data lineage to ensure consistency of documentation, alignment with defined data lineage process and procedures, automation capabilities, templates and documenting all regulatory risks and issues. Finally, Ekman Associates implemented the training and communication programs.  Project resulted in significant gains in efficiency, in addition to mandatory compliance.

Objective:  Our Client was required to meet the regulatory compliance demands on data lineage attestations which included the need to design and execute process, procedures, and training around the creation, maintenance, and attestation of data lineage.

Engagement:  Data Management & Analytics (Financial Services Industry)

Case Study #2


Solution:  Ekman Associates successfully developed the strategy, approach and supporting business case for a new enterprise-wide electronic content management system.  This included to an in-depth review of current state, identifying existing issues that can be addressed by using an ECM as well as opportunities to improve efficiencies, lower costs and alleviate risk.  This full-service approach also included a deployment road map, outlining of PMO needs for execution, conducting an ECM software selection process and provided resource and financial planning for executive management for implementation

Objective:  As our Client continues to evolve its operations, they realized they needed to improve the management of business information to gain operational efficiencies, reduce risk, and protect the organization’s information assets. Based on the information captured, it was forecasted that implementing a new ECM could deliver significant ROI in the categories of cost reduction, risk mitigation, business continuity, client services, security and revenue lift could be realized.

Engagement:  Electronic Content Management (ECM) (Architecture, Engineering, Construction Industry)

Case Study #3

Construction Engineering industry

Case Study #5

Engagement:  IT Due Diligance for a Merger & Acquisition (Consumer Package Goods Industry)

Consumer Packaged Goods

Objective:  Conduct an IT due diligence assessment to determine the health of the technology within the target company by evaluating existing technology, identifying all costs associated with a potential acquisition and developing a road map for converging all systems. .

Solution: Ekman Associates performed a streamlined and thorough assessment, resulting in an in-depth analysis that determined estimated costs to merge technologies and a proposed IT Strategy prioritizing how to merge, bring in house and/or consolidate systems.  The solution included a due diligence report with the following elements:

  • what technologies to maintain and what to transfer,

  • a full financial analysis,

  • evaluation of all applications (Enterprise Technology Portfolio, infrastructure, security, data / terminology),

  • a review of the IT organization / structure, project portfolio and status, vendor contracts and agreements, regulatory, audit, & compliance, reporting,

  • a compilation of all training, policy, and operating procedure documentation

  • a roadmap for systems migration

Health Care

Case Study #4

Engagement:  Electronic Health Record (EHR) (Health Care Industry)

Objective: Successfully select and implement an electronic health system record.

Solution: Ekman Associates delivered a full-service Electronic Health Record implementation, assisting the client from software selection to the launch of the new system. Specifically, the Ekman team assessed existing institutional workflows for each department, incorporated regulatory requirements, and outlined the necessities and inclinations of the institution in the EHR system for the organization to function properly.  Final deliverable included augmented resources, tools, an OCM program to assist in the selection of the product and ultimately system implementation. This was a multi-year effort that included all aspects of a program lifecycle, resulting in significant cost savings behind increased efficiencies. 


Case Study #6

Engagement:  Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) (Tech Industry)

Objective: Provide guidance and expertise in establishing an Enterprise GRC Program to ensure that the business stakeholders protect confidential information, have consistent cohesion departmentally and follow all governmental regulations.

Solution: Ekman Associates established a GRC strategy and operationally executed the enterprise risk management, compliance, and third-party risk management program.  Additionally, our services included conducting a buy vs. build analysis for a GRC tool. Our analysis and report helped our Client streamline risk management with their compliance obligations and governmental policies.


Case Study #7


Engagement:  Project Rescue (Insurance Industry)

Objective:  Successfully complete a CRM implementation by taking over project and delivery leadership from initial integration partner and supplement Client’s internal resources with product experts to increase velocity and drive user adoption.

Solution: Ekman Associates seamlessly integrated into project with resources and expertise, assessed the project status and created a plan to resolve issues to mitigate timeline slippage and quality concerns. In addition to a successful completion, deliverable included revised project plan, training, and organizational change management assistance, resulting in increased user adoption and gains internal knowledge.​


Case Study #8

Engagement:  Cloud Migration (Med-Device Industry)

Objective: Perform an in-depth benefit / risk analysis of an eventual cloud migration to enable client to make final decision on cloud migration project.

Solution: Ekman Associates conducted a fully customized risk / benefit assessment of cloud computing, taking into consideration client’s objectives, constraints (resource and cost) and current solution, developed an implementation strategy and created a workplan to transfer data and applications from a local on premises data center to the cloud.

Pharmaceutical industry

Case Study #9

Engagement:  Organizational Change Management (Pharma Industry)

Objective:  Create and execute an OCM Program for a major enterprise system implementation

Solution: Ekman Associates developed an OCM Program that enabled the organization to understand the necessary transformational changes and assisted in the successful adoption of these changes.  Our services included a framework and structure to manage risks, communication mediums, the development of training materials and the leading of training sessions, resulting in a more streamlined organizational structure, better aligned with corporate strategies and goals.   


Case Study #10

Engagement:  Natural Language Processing Strategy (NLP) (Oncology/Health Care Industry)

Objective: Create a comprehensive roadmap and project plan to build an NLP software which included functional specifications and technical designs.

Solution: Ekman Associates designed the detailed roadmap for the NLP software delivery strategy.  In addition, Ekman provided a fundamental understanding of NLP to the client, developed data standards, and assisted in the refinement of the Client’s methodology.  The final deliverable consisted of system requirements, NLP process map, system architecture, technology models, and a roadmap to implement.

Health Care
Project Management and Planning

Case Study #11

Engagement:  Organizational Change Management (Pharma Industry)

Objective:  Support project implementations and increase velocity by seamlessly integrating portfolio, program and / or project management resources into client’s existing organization, meeting the pre-defined objectives to ensure a successful project completion.

Solution: As experts in all aspects of project management, Ekman Associates has completed numerous engagements of project and program management. With strong technical skills and business acumen, our Consultants strategically analyze the constraints of scope, time, quality, and budget, and optimize the allocation of necessary inputs.  This combined with their ability to organize, motivate, and manage resources, consistently results in successful completions, meeting project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints and/or risks.